What are the must-have shades for your brand and marketing content this year? Taste and color are not debatable… And yet, like every year Pantone sets the general tone to define the trend colors of the moment. But how does one adapt them to “branding” and include the right color trends in your creative marketing campaigns? What are the major brand trends to know in 2022? Here’s our little view on the graphic trends to adopt in 2022 and our pro tips to choose them according to your niche.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022: “Very Peri”

The “Very Peri”, reference PANTONE 17-3938, is a blue nuanced by red and purple undertones. It follows the trend of the deep blue “Classic Blue” of 2020-2021, which was intended to be reassuring and serene in the face of episodes of containment and global epidemic crisis, but it comes in warmer, brighter and more cheerful shades. “Encompassing the qualities of blues with a touch of red-purple, Very Peri expresses a bright, joyful attitude and dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression,” says Pantone Color Insitute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman.

Pro tip for using Pantone 2022 colors in your branding: The hues in the Pantone Symphony color palette soothe the eye but also help draw attention in a non-aggressive way. These colors are perfect for combining the pastel hues of blue and green with the vibrant hues of purple and pink. Graceful and reassuring, these colors immediately catch the eye. If you integrate these shades into your brand identity, it will catch the eye of your audience!

The natural and minimalist look with pastel shades 

Serenity and calm will still dominate in 2022! There is still a trend towards natural colors. Soft, natural, soothing hues will reassert themselves with beautiful pastel gradients in creative graphic designs for 2022. Pastel tones from organic colors (pastel pink, champagne, muted green, coral…) are perfect for a modern yet minimalist look. This is definitely a trend to follow to seduce all types of audiences! 

Pro tip for using organic colors in your branding: use plants, interior design elements, stationery or modern workspaces with natural lighting. This color trend works well for modern brands, try incorporating lifestyle photography to support your brand, use shadows, colors of muten greens, nude, beiges and sandy/coral to best represent this 2022 trend. 

Bright and bold colors for a punchy branding

In total contrast to the softer pastel colors, we also have this 2022 color trend to incorporate very bright and “punchy” colors. To symbolize the desire for renewal and optimism, we turn to the acidic colors, almost fluorescent or “neon” as lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, azure blue, acid green or carmine red. They refer to this pop and daring universe which corresponds to the need to find a life full of joy and optimism. Ideal to attract your customers and revive a brand that would perhaps tend to “age”. These shades appeal to young and middle-aged people looking for positive vibes and a touch of freshness.

Pro tip for adapting these bright colors into your brand identity: These colors look great on screen! However, when you print, you risk losing that beautiful brightness in the colors (when converting from RGB to CMYK). Use special print finishes and spot color ink (Pantones are great!) to increase the quality of your branding on printed materials. 

3D metallic textures and the Y2K trend

Influenced from 1990’s Pop Culture, and latest advancements in 3D graphic rendering software, this modern metallic visual texture trend uses bright, dreamy, fluorescent colors, matched with holographic and iridescent textures and colors! Immediately bringing a highly modern, cyber and retro look to your brand, to use this Y2K trend, include metallic 3D textures in your content. It is a modern day, pop culture-infused cyber culture: Y2K trend in the visual branding universe which makes your content attract a young, and cyber-focused audiences. Think about it, it’s a futuristic and retro look at the same time! This type of branding is all the rage in China, and is well suited to rejuvenate your brand image and attract more young people in your marketing campaigns.

Pro tip to adapt this 3D metallic Y2K trend in your visual brand identity: the color associations must be well worked and aesthetic. Using this approach in your content will bring a “futuristic” and abstract feel, with a pop culture inspired retro feel! If this suits your brand image, then it may be a must for you to try this year! Try creating a mix of bright tones and strong colors in a very cyber focused way with shadow effects on 3D metallic textures, best created in pro graphic design software like Adobe Dimension

Primary color palettes to add a little fun with flat vector art

What’s better than a little nostalgia with “flat design” and the assortment of primary colors for a retro look straight out of the 70’s and 80’s. Use primary colors, flat and “fun” vector art to support your branding. This color trend is easy to use, and creates a sense of “fun” for brands. The idea is to marry these simple color palettes with fun, almost childlike designs, and use original vector illustrations in a “cartoon” style to bring your visual identity to life. 

Pro tip to adapt these primary colors in your brand visual identity: Simple iconography is also strategic in content communication and marketing, because when we quickly skim through content, we don’t read everything, and seeing bright visual icons helps convey your message. Use primary and simple color palettes combining shades of lemon yellows, cyan blues and bright reds and ultra cheerful visual color, to emphasize key points in your content marketing and brand communication strategy.

Want to know everything about the colors of 2022? Check out this YouTube video “Color Trends 2022 + Pantone Color of the Year” to get inspired and creative. The images alone are enough to give you plenty of ideas for your next creative marketing campaigns in 2022. You want to be accompanied in the creation or redesign of your brand identity? Our agency specializes in branding and logo design. Take a look at our portfolio of visual identity creations.

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