Why is your branding so vital to scaling?

Why is your branding so vital to scaling?

If your website or social media account is unattractive, will your ideal clients stop and check it? Will you be able to create engagement? Will you get sales? Will your business be able to scale? Achieving an effective visual brand can be difficult without professional help or the right coaching. But what is preventing you from achieving a successful visual brand? Could there be a problem with your font? Or is it your colors? Your visual brand can represent or misinterpret your business if it is not done the right way. The question is, where did it go wrong for you? What are your biggest struggles in maintaining your branding across all platforms? Before we get to that, let’s talk about what a visual brand is first. 

What is a Visual Brand?

The visual brand creates an emotional connection between your brand and your ideal client through the colors, shapes, and fonts that are used in the company’s logo design, website, social media page, business cards, and such. It is the look that represents your goals, your niche, and business as a whole. 

Why is it vital for your business?

Your ideal client’s first impression is crucial, and your business’s visual is the first information they will be seeing and experiencing about your business. It is also one of the main factors if they will continue with your business or not. 

Is your visual brand working?

Can your visual brand attract clients and help you make money online? Can it show your niche, your product, your services? What about your visual communication and messaging? Did you know that your tone of voice and written content also form part of your branding? Are your branded pages and content SEO-Friendly (Search Engine Optimized content) to ensure your visibility through Google?


Can you answer these questions yes, confidently? If your branding fails to do its task, then there must be something wrong. Have you checked the colors you’re using? Does your background look good with your images? Is your page communicating clearly to deliver on your overall brand strategy? 


Small details like your chosen colors, can greatly affect your ideal client’s perception. It’s like going to a funeral wearing a colorful and flashy outfit. That is just wrong and inappropriate. The same applies to your visual brand. With the wrong representation of your business, your ideal clients will get the wrong impression of what you have to offer. 


This is just your colors, what if there are other problems with your visual brand? What if the fonts you used are too hard for the eyes to read matched with your background? How bad will that affect your business? 


Your font is like your accent. It is your unique tone of voice. If the font you chose is childlike, casual, playful… will it look good on your formal looking website? It all depends on what visual brand you wish to achieve.


Once you fixed the issues of your visual brand, what about the future? Can your visual brand help you scale your business? Is your visual brand part of your growth strategy?

Why is your branding vital to scaling?

Investing in a unique personal brand shows that you are committed to success. It shows you are professional. If your brand is in line with your vision and focuses on the needs of your ideal clients, it can attract the right customers to your business! Read that again. The exciting this is that your branding shouldn’t stop there! It should be able to scale your business as well! 


If your visual brand can scale your visibility and reach it means that it can help you win more clients. It means that it has the ability to grow positively when your business grows (like a snowball effect). A personal brand that grows with the business maximizes the potential to reach and attract new customers. It would be a wise decision to make your visual brand ready for growth from the beginning so your business can move forward faster, but an effective visual brand that can scale your business never happens by accident. You can’t just randomly choose fonts and colours and hope for the best. 


Hiring a professional in the early stages can also make your business scale faster. Using a professional designer does cost money, but can you imagine how much more money you’ll be losing if you don’t have high-quality branding? Your investment has so much value you would be naive to ignore the importance of branding if you wish to take your business seriously.


If you want to save now and in the future, invest in a coaching expert who understands what you need and can help you achieve your goal. At BossMama we’ve got branding packs that can surely satisfy your branding needs. The difference is that we consider all the necessary elements to build a successful online brand. It’s not just a logo, when you invest in one of our Branding Packs, we map out for you your entire visual universe so that you can scale and have branding to support you and your evolving business. We can even change it to match your specific needs and niche, mail all your request to contact@bossmama-mindset.com.

At the Boss Mama Branding studio, we will translate your business ideas into the perfect branding that matches you and your business today and for your businesses future growth. Check out out latest Branding Pack offers here now at https://bebossmama.com/branding-packs/.

Tell us below, what is your biggest struggle in creating your visual branding and how would you like me to assist you?


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