Branding your new business for success

Branding your new business for success

Lately I’ve been feeling more confident in my business and have noticed some points which I would like to share. The life of a self made female business owner is highly rewarding when done right! If you are struggling to successfully find clients and make sales, if you are taking too many shortcuts in the beginning, you will soon discover why investing in your branding can make the world of difference to ensure your long term growth and business success. Developing your branding need not be a massive struggle. When done right, branding can set your business up for maximum success. In this article, we will discuss why it is important to consider your branding if you want to ensure long term growth and success for your business.

Your branding

What your audience sees

If your web pages or social media account is unattractive, will your ideal clients stop and check it out? If you don’t have exciting & interesting content, will your customers be able to engage with it? Will you make sales? Will your business be able to grow and scale? You know branding is crucial for your business success. Achieving an effective visual brand can be difficult without professional help or the right coaching. If your goal is to create a visually pleasing brand for your clients to showcase what you can offer them, it means that they choose to work with you quicker— if it’s visually clear and understandable. This is the power of branding. With strong branding, your clients know right from the start what you can do to help serve their needs.

Your own personal branding

Consider for a moment your own personal brand. When new leads land on your social media pages, what do they see? What is preventing you from achieving a successful visual brand? Could there be a problem with your cover image? Or is it your brand colors? Or could it be that you have not clearly defined your niche so you may be communicating with too broad an audience? Your visual brand can represent or misinterpret your business if it is not done the right way. The question is, where did it go wrong for you? What are your biggest struggles in maintaining your branding across all platforms? Leave your comments below. Now let’s talk about what a visual brand is first. 

Visual Branding in business

What is a visual brand?

Your visual brand creates an emotional connection between your brand and your ideal client. This is achieved through a clever use of graphic styles, colors, shapes, and fonts. Together, these elements are used in a company’s logo design, website, social media pages, business cards, and such. It is the look that represents your goals, your niche, and business as a whole. Look at your favorite successful brands and business entrepreneurs / Boss Mamas who you follow and admire? I bet you all of these elements are strategically worked out in their branding which has ensured their business success.

Why is it vital for your business?

Your ideal client’s first impression is crucial. Your business’s visual branding is the first information they will be seeing and experiencing about your business. It is also one of the main factors influencing if they will continue with your business or not. 

Is your visual brand supporting your business?

Can your visual brand attract clients and help you make money online? Can it immediately show your niche your amazing products and services? What about your visual communication and messaging? Do each of your posts clearly communicate to your audience what they can get when they choose to work with you? If you are not (confidently) answering yes to these questions, then Boss Mama… You can, and should improve your visual branding and communication strategy to help you reach more clients. You see, branding goes far beyond a simple logo and color selection. Your branding is made up of every single decision you make towards showing the world what your business looks like and what it communicates, in a visual manner. Small details like your chosen colors, can greatly affect your ideal client’s perception.

Once you’ve fixed the issues of your visual brand, what about the future? Can your visual brand help you grow your business? Well clearly yes, because if you have branding which enhances your overall business image then you will surely win more clients meaning that branding is vital to your business success.

Long term business growth

Why is your branding vital to scaling?

Investing in a unique personal brand growth and scalability strategy, shows that you are committed to branding your new business for success. It shows you are thinking about your long term brand strategy. About what you wish to achieve for your business. About what you wish to communicate to your audience throughout your annual marketing calendar. And about your plans to grow and scale. If your brand is in-line with this vision (i.e your brand strategy) and this strategy is well mapped out, your branding and communication can support your global business objectives and goals. This can help you to deliver to your ideal clients, answering to their needs, helping their struggles…. Your branding should speak to all of this to attract the right customers to your business to help you get there.

The successful branding snowball effect

If your visual brand can improve your visibility and reach, it can win you more clients. Your branding has the ability to grow positively with your business like a snowball effect. A personal brand that grows with your business, maximizes the potential for you to reach and attract new customers. It’s a wise decision to make your visual brand ready for growth from the very beginning to ensure your business can move forward faster. But effective visual brands does not happen by accident. You can’t just randomly choose fonts and colors and hope for the best. Hiring a professional in the early stages can make your business scale faster. Using a professional designer does cost money, just like every investment you make for your business. Now imagine how much more money you’ll be losing if you don’t have high-quality branding? Your investment has so much value you would be naive to ignore the importance of branding if you wish to take your business through from launch idea to successful online brand.

An all-in-one solution for female entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants

If you realize the value, and are ready to invest in a brand branding expert who understands what you need and can help you achieve your branding goals, you can take a look at the Boss Mama Branding Packs that can set your business up for success right from the beginning. The difference is that we consider all the necessary elements to build a successful online brand (far beyond a simple logo). When you order a branding pack from the Boss Mama Branding studio, you will be working 1:1 with me {Maria}. I will be coaching you through the brand creation process, from brainstorming your idea to creating successful launch graphics. You will get a gorgeous new custom-designed logo, and you will have your visual brand mapped out for you, ready to use across all of your social media.

What’s special about these packs?

With every Branding Pack ordered you will get a BONUS set of Canva templates personalized and branded with your new branding. Boss Mamas, if you are looking for your content creation GAME CHANGER then this is for you because it help you when you create your content (your social media posts, your training courses, your workbooks, your stories, your lead magnets, etc). With this, you will be able to produce well-branded content for your business with ease!

Now you know what you need to do so do not waste any more time thinking about the “what if’s”. Two years ago, I had no choice but to put 100% into building my personal brand and online business and I took action. Now, 2 years later I am confident in my business, I have regular and loyal clients and I have helped so many women from all around the world create incredible brands and have helped them grow their online businesses. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and set yourself up for your long term branding success?

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