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I need a logo designing and incorporating onto some packaging. The theme is mother earth, nature, and the rain forest.

Colour scheme is dark greens, dark purple browns. Such as the kratom plant attached. Please use the shape of the leaves.

The packet needs

1. Logo
2. Nutritional information label replication
3. The content label

All incorporated into one seamless design for the packing


Guy P.


Hello Guy P.

I’m Maria and I would absolutely LOVE to help you on your logo and pack design project! I specialize in graphic design and have worked on a number of logo and packaging projects. I am also familiar with product nutritional tables and creating this for you should not be a problem.

From your brief, it should be a simple project.

PART 1 – Logo

The first part of your project will be to finalize your logo. I see 2 possibilities :

— Either you have already validated this logo concept, then you can just send me with the original HD files for me to incorporate into your packaging design.

— Or you will need me to re-draw it. I can do this for you with ease! As a digital artist, graphic illustrator, I can take this “concept” image, and re-draw / improve it & keep some elements to keep the same design feeling

PART 2 – Packaging Design

Once we have your desired logo, I can apply this logo onto an earthy, natural paper texture design visual, and most definitely, incorporating into the design the beautiful leaf design/ texture of the kratom plant! This should be rather beautiful and impactful to the buyer!

I propose to complete your project in about 2-3 weeks, depending on your requirements on the logo. The pack can be designed in 1 day; then 1 day for your feedback and comments. I will do my best to get you the design that you are looking for in the fastest possible time.

Project Awarded!

“To create a unique and recognizable logo, influence was drawn from nature. I used elements such as leaves, plants and beans to convey an organic and natural product. This was essential for the client, and was achieved by creating hand drawn and custom illustrated graphics using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. This allowed me the opportunity to custom design the product packaging with dynamic and meaningful imagery.”

—Maria Phieros

Hand drawn illustrations to portray the essence of the product.

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