Do you post interesting and engaging content, and you put many hours into your Instagram and Facebook accounts… But not so much into your VISUAL IDENTITY or Social Media brand? If you’re posting randomly, unbranded content and think: “It will be OK, people know who I am” or, maybe you don’t see the value in fully branding your posts with logos, brand colors (for example) because it’s supposed to be authentic, personal… Today, I am going to debunk this misconception and share a few key points which might help you LEVEL UP your Social Media Branding Strategy. Once you create a RECOGNIZABLE and harmonious Social Media Brand, it should be easy for your ideal clients to recognize who you are and to think of you next time they need your services! If your posts or stories are getting low engagement rates, and you’re just hearing crickets when you post your offers, it might be the moment to try a few simple techniques which could completely improve your results! 

1 Identify Your Brand Colors 

Choose a color palette with Primary and Secondary colors. Why? Because initially you’re going to want to use your Primary brand colors everywhere… but having all your posts in the same color gets boring! So subtly included secondary colors to enhance your overall look and feel and to create a strong visual brand. To show you what I mean, have a look at my Instagram re-brand. If you notice the older posts had zero branding, this was the time I was not invested into my personal brand as I was employed by creative agencies… then Nov 2019, I launched my full-time freelancing business and, I went from always posting in my Primary brand colour peach, inspired by the #pantonecoloroftheyear2019 and progressively, when I started including a secondary color, like this post here… Suddenly, BOOM!! 10000% better! It’s like my whole world just changed and now I am getting a lot more new followers, much higher engagement rates and more people are contacting me to make project requests! Sometimes a simple adjustment can go a long way. Need help with this? Feel free to Get in touch!

2 Create a Brand Personality with Key Visuals

Do you absolutely love adding pink flamingos in your branding like our A+M brand, so do we, so much so that we just had to include our favorite visual elements in our brand: tropical palm leaves, nordic geometric shapes, and flamingos🤩! Initially, one might think, hey, that’s a little eccentric! However, I speak from experience, sometimes you need to choose visual elements which people will recognize (it could be anything you feel is visually aligned to your brand essence) to make your brand recognizable and personal! Still to this day, we have people talking about the bold Pink Flamingos like A+M Studio Créatif

3 Post high quality, and not bad quality. 

You’d think this was obvious, but no. I see so many brands make this mistake of posting below grade shots, unedited, unbranded and it just looks unprofessional. This is specifically for your professional business account, and obviously not for your personal account. You can keep your family lunch photos with your grandma and cousins unedited… No problem there. I’m specifically talking about your professional business brand. Be careful of posting images which are not high quality, as users are so sensitive to quality and let’s face it. We all judge. The bible teaches us don’t judge, but in branding, the initial moment somebody views your brand, it’s the moment they could be evaluating whether they wish to align themselves with your brand or not! The difference of QUALITY could be the make or break. Home-shot photos are fine if you have the right angle, lighting and add some beautiful photo filters afterwards. When in doubt, ask a professional to help you edit your photos. You can also ask your favorite FB Groups what they think, and you will see… and of course you should try to take your own photos wherever possible! Maybe consider investing in some lighting equipment, a tripod, especially if you are an entrepreneur and plan on taking daily photos or videos. This could be a simple investment which could make a massive difference for your online brand.

4 Be Consistent and Follow a Post Schedule

It’s the number one rule in today’s online social media driven world, that content is king and that posting CONSISTENTLY is what users want. I used to think, “Ahhhh no. I don’t have time to post every day, let alone consistently. I will just post when I have time.” Ok… Then your followers and audience will forget about you and you might not be top of mind when they need someone with your services! So, take the time to think of a Social Media Content Strategy (send me an email if you need help with this, be sure to add “Social Media Strategy” in the subject line) and if you are serious about growing your Social Media Brand and online business, having REAL people contact you and ask you for your services, then you are going to have to start taking your online Social Media Strategy serious. If you start implementing a content strategy, a weekly calendar, a monthly calendar etc… outlining when you plan on posting and what your content / message is going to be… (for both Posts and Stories) Yes! It’s quite a bit of work! However, if you dedicate yourself to posting regular Posts and Stories you might start to see your website traffic pick up, you might start selling more products, you might have more users clicking to discover YOUR OFFERS and BOOM!!! This is where the magic happens, when YOU are top of mind 😉 This takes me to my next point.

5 Invest in Your Brand and Pay a Pro

It’s the common misconception: “I’m just starting my business, I have no budget, so I have to do everything myself”. Sound familiar? I think every single entrepreneur starts off thinking like this. Until they bang their heads a hundred times, losing precious time!!! STRUGGLING to do everything, struggling to learn everything…. and especially to struggle through this all alone #solopreneurs are truly resilient. However, when they evolve past this initial phase, when they want to grow! They realize they just cannot do everything themselves. So, let’s learn from their mistakes. ASK YOURSELF, if you are going to:

  1. Build a successful online brand
  2. Maintain a visually consistent (desirable) brand
  3. Grow your brand

Then you need to ask for some help from the professionals and you will get what you pay for! Don’t always try to look for the cheapest solution in all you do. If building a professional Social Media Brand is top of your priority list then you should invest adequately, and it’s a real simple equation, you get what you pay for. So, if this is your moment to LEVEL UP and take your online Social Media Brand to the highest level, then go ahead and hire an experienced Graphic Designer to help you create professional branded graphics, logos and templates which you could use to help you in your future… Templates are like the golden gem of social media graphics!! To be honest, it’s something like the Ace up your sleeve when playing poker… At the end of the day, Time is money… If you are losing precious time trying to do everything yourself you will never be able to scale and grow your brand or business. PRO TIP: If you invest with a professional Graphic Designer, ask them to help you to create a brand kit with templates which you can use yourself afterwards!! Then your investment will help you improve your overall brand but also it will help you SAVE TIME in the future, which will in turn save you MONEY!! It’s a complete no brainer. 


Sometimes you need to invest, in order to improve your Social Media Brand. This can be the make or break if you are battling to grow your Social Media audience, and you have been trying to do everything alone (been there, done that… now, I have a few go-to freelancers, specifically Copywriters, Photographers and Video editing specialists) because I’m a Graphic Designer and Website Creator, I’m not a Copywriter, Photographer nor a Video specialist, so even if I could do it alone, it will probably take me very long, which just becomes a massive time waster for me. I’ve learnt the hard way, I’d rather pay a pro to help me get it done quickly and at a high standard, instead of me trying to struggle through something which will only leave me frustrated and with a lower quality result, well…. stick to your niche and spend your days doing the jobs you LOVE, and let the pros help you 🙂

Need help or advise in Graphic Design from someone who has build many Social Media Brands and recently re-branded herself (yes! Me:) then get in touch and ask to book a no-obligation 30 minute FREE discovery call to learn how I can help you improve your Social Media Brand and overall Content Strategy. Sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest positive impact. Go ahead, and invest in your future, it’s completely worth it if you are serious about growing your online business.

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