Content Creation Mastery Online Course

Become a Pro Creator! Learn content creation & digital marketing strategies that the “big brands” use.

Content Creation Mastery is your step-by-step method to successfully building your digital marketing strategy, to create, organize and publish consistent CLIENT-ATTRACTING content for your amazing online biz!










Say goodbye to overwhelming marketing and ✨hello to your content management solution to get you from ideas, to creating, to consistently publishing attractive marketing content for your dream customers to discover your business with ease!

Content Creation Mastery is your step-by-step method to successfully build your digital marketing strategy, create, organize and publish consistent CLIENT-ATTRACTING content for your amazing online biz!

Get ready to master your content + digital marketing for your biz!









OK, real talk. “Content” is the key to success for any biz that wants to grow online. Whether you’re selling products or services, your content is THE reason your customers buy from you rather than others.

But we all agree: planning, creating and managing a content strategy so that your biz can add value to your audience + stand-out from the crowd is rather complicated. 

  You keep reading about “content is king, quality is queen” “add value”… “connect with your audience”… but you really don’t know where to start or how to create the kind of content that gets results – without struggling!


Not only that, but how do you find the time to create, post and strategize PLUS run your biz!? 

It takes forever to get it done, only to see zero engagement (and poor growth) and your content looking average to “not-so-good” at best!

You know you need to be sharing great content with your followers and customers, but where do you begin? How much time do you spend creating? You’d love to outsource at some point. But then you asked yourself – above all – how are you going to pay for it each and every month if you’re a startup brand?

YOU FEEL SO OVERWHELMED when trying to create content for your biz? Why does it have to be so time consuming. And sometimes {*cough* a lot of the time} so confusing!?!

✔️ You have an AMAZING thing to offer.

✔️ You are passionate about getting your biz growing and scaling.

✔️ You daydream about the income and the impact it can make you…

But I get it feels like some days no matter what you do, you are just not mastering the steps you need to create the success for your biz that you desire and deserve.


Especially if you’re trying to grow your online biz, you know it takes time, you know there are some ways to be able to create amazing content (thanks to apps like Canva) without it taking up all of your time!

You know that YOU CAN CREATE authentic & brand-aligned content IF YOU KNEW the digital strategy & content “batching” process that’s crucial to your online business success. 

Before you’re ready to outsource all your content & monthly marketing, you KNOW you need to find a step-by-step {proven} system that will help you learn how to manage it all alone.

And while I do not have a magic wand to wave for all your problems to go away, I have worked with hundreds of biz owners and could bet right now that since you are reading my love letter to you – one small business owner to another – that you are facing some small biz struggles or you are feeling overwhelmed {something I can help you fix #pinkypromise}

Do any of these sound familiar?

Problem #1

You’re putting in so much time trying to do-it-all, creating content, reels, maybe even wasting so much time trying to get your business in front of your ideal clients. And not only is it taking forever, but you are not seeing the results you want.

Problem #2

You feel like you’re searching in circles, stumbling in the dark when it comes to implementing a streamlined marketing pathway for your business. Like – how are other people making it look so darn easy?!? Why does it seem other people in your industry are hitting goals faster than you?

Problem #3

With so much info out {there that’s often confusing, wrong and focused on trends} you feel like you are overthinking, losing confidence, basically “getting over” your online business and forgetting why you started off in the first place.

{or maybe it’s a combination of 1, 2 and 3…}

How would it change these struggles if you have a tim-saving shortcut, a proven step-by-step system that’s made to streamline your online marketing pathway?

👉 You see, I know you have googled. 

👉 You’ve self-taught. 

👉 You may have even taken a course or two.

And you have made amazing progress yourself {seriously – Boss Mama! Just having the courage to start your online business, go all-in from side hustle to full-time day job  is a frickin’ brilliant achievement! 🙌 You are such a rock star mama for having the courage and intelligence to start this venture!}.

And TRUST ME IT DOES GET BETTER if you have a simple, strategic system in place to support you when you want to “quickly” create a campaign, launch a new product, or connect with your audience on the regular!!! 

🙃 How can I stand out and grow my social media without it taking over my life. 

🙃 I’ve done that thing people are saying to do to make sales or see growth but it’s not working for me. Why not? Can someone help?

🙃 What is the best way forward to actually move the needle and not just keep running from one thing to the next. What are *my* next steps?

And if this is you, I also bet you would:

💛 Love some clear direction. 

💛 Love things to move along quicker and easier and get some *legit* results.

💛 And LOVE everything you need to get discovered, loved and selling to your best (most devoted and loyal fans) all from your social media and marketing efforts

And while you can’t afford to outsource at this point in your biz journey, you’d still love the type of strategies and shortcuts the ‘big brands” use!

Hi! We’re teA+M

{Aurélie and Maria}

​​We went from desperate to get out of our soul-sucking 9-5’s… no online business… and no clients…

…to successful, online business owners, and now we have dozens of organic leads, we run a full-time creative agency, living a 100% digital nomad life!

LET US BE YOUR SUCCESS STORY + INSPIRATION, if you use strategic content marketing, and you master “batching” aligned to a brand growth strategy, your online business dreams CAN come true!

That’s why we created Content Creation Mastery! To give ambitious women entrepreneurs {just like you} the means to realize their dreams of a flourishing online business thanks to a powerful, authentic and a naturally attractive content strategy. 

OUR GOAL — to help you create easy and strategic content for your biz to stand out online!

All of this without exhausting you, saving you time, money and stress!










Content Creation Mastery


297 €


Take a look at these 5 elements that combine perfectly inside the Content Creation Mastery Program to supercharge your online biz success, so that you can finally start to reduce the DIY struggles, get clarity & finally move the needle forward in your online biz growth!



Your monthly masterplan to create all the digital marketing content your biz needs, to get your brand discovered, seen and have more of your ideal clients buy from you.

By combining digital marketing techniques and learning about publication schedules and strategic content themes, formats, content types… YOU will become your secret weapon for creating content that ATTRACTS, meaning you will learn how to attract more of your ideal clients to you via your content & finally convert your beloved fans into ✨happy paying customers {eager to work with & buy from you}!



Your monthly content Templates (for reels, stories, carousel graphics, facebook cover banners…) all organized for you in plug n play format with monthly calendars, Trello boards, digital toolkits, content idea checklists, and guided strategy on how to use these resources to increase productivity and strategic workflow in creating your content.

By using these content templates and digital resources, you SPEED UP your content creation time because you are working to a SYSTEM instead of trying to “figure it out’ every day… You just open up a template, add what you need according to the strategy you’ve learned and your biz goals, and you publish quickly and painlessly!  It’s your solution to saving you so much time in figuring out “what to post or create”. 



Your video lessons and in-depth training over 2 modules of content, so that you know exactly what your digital brand growth strategy is, your content creation “batching” system and your proven framework. Know exactly what you need to do each and every month, without the stress! 

You get a guided digital content strategy that’s aimed at {long-term}  brand growth, to encourage a “like”, “know” and “trust” relationship, essential in selling online.



Become part of a VIP community of online entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same biz goals as you {wanting to get seen and loved by more of your ideal customers while enjoying your online business life!}. 

When you have questions, reach out in the group! Need clarity or feedback on your content / ideas? Ask the group. We are there to support you and give you the most personalized feedback and guidance by answering your questions, to support you every step of the way.



Never feel alone or confused again. Step away from “trying to figure it out alone” and say hello to teA+M {Aurélie + Maria} your creative power duo who are BY YOUR SIDE to see your online biz grow.


When you get stuck, reach out to us via a private group. Share your questions with us. Not sure which direction to take? We are here to support you and give you feedback on your work. We give you personalized advice.









Ready to master your content + digital marketing for your biz? 

What’s inside Content Creation Mastery?

In this course, you will learn:

💛 About strategic content types and how to use them

💛 Different digital marketing strategies like (lead generation, the power of value driven content and storytelling).

💛 How to define (and stick to) your ideal publishing schedule to become consistent and see best results.

💛 How to use Trello to organize & manage all your content & marketing.

💛 How to adopt impactful copywriting.

💛 How to use Canva like a pro for perfect branding.

💛 The secret art of content “batching” to maximum productivity and boost performance of your content & marketing.

💛 How to create quick & easy Reel in under 3 minutes.

💛 How to create a sales page that converts so that your content and marketing can bring you in sales!

But that’s not all! The course also includes plenty of exclusive bonuses – worth a total of 860 € (EUROS) !!

🖤 9+ lesson videos

🖤 Editorial & strategic calendars

🖤 Visual & Video Canva Templates

🖤 Planning Trello Board Template

🖤 Copywriting Caption Prompts: Ideas, hooks, CTAs

🖤 Instagram Feed Mockup Template

🖤 Video editing tutorials + Canva tricks

🖤 Step-by-step guide to building your sales page

🖤 PDF slides & worksheets 

🖤 And lots of other great tips and PRO tips & techniques!


What others have to say…

FAQ : Got questions?

Who is the Content Creation Mastery Online Course for?

Our online course is for ALL entrepreneurs, small biz owners, content creators, solopreneurs, freelancers, e-shop owners or service providers, who want to develop their business by using digital marketing levers, especially social media.

If you don’t want to outsource your digital marketing and if you are ready to take action to create effective content for your business, then Content Creation Mastery is for you!

What exactly is inside the course?

Our online training is composed of 2 big modules, each one including 5 videos and worksheets, plus several bonuses. 

Thanks to our different course themes including tutorials, templates and resources that can be immediately adapted to your business, you will learn how to create strategic content in a minimum of time.

In module 1 “Your Content Strategy Made Easy”, you’ll learn how to:

💛 Master the types of content your social media needs. 

💛 Use different digital marketing channels.

💛 Define your ideal publishing schedule.

💛 Optimize Trello to organize and manage your content strategy.


In module 2 “Your Easy Content Creation”, you’ll learn how to:

💛 Adopt a powerful copywriting style.

💛 Use Canva like a pro for perfect branding.

💛 Use Content Batching to speed up your workflow.

💛 Schedule your content and post your Reels videos easily.

💛 Create a sales page that helps you sell more online.

You will have unlimited access to the entire course. You can learn and create at your own pace, and review the courses and tutorials as many times as you like.

How much does it cost?

Content Creation Mastery is priced at 594 €, but you get a 50% off offer for a limited time only!

How is Content Creation Mastery different from other online courses?

Content Creation Mastery is not just an online course, it is a real step by step coaching program based on digital marketing fundamentals and our experience in web content creation.


We will guide you step by step so that you know exactly what to publish, how, why, when and how; how to create captivating and strategic visuals and texts to grow your business; what tools and strategies to use to develop your visibility on social media ; and ultimately increase your online sales through a remarkable online presence – built easily thanks to the batching method + efficient content strategy.


And all this, without exhausting yourself, by optimizing every step of the process! Content Creation Mastery is not “just” a training: it is a complete content system ready to be used immediately to boost your online business.

Will it really work for my business?

Content Creation Mastery is your content management system. It’s an online course + digital marketing toolkit that has been specially designed for women entrepreneurs and small biz owners who want to create their own digital content. It is based on the fundamentals of digital marketing and branded content creation for social media. 


By making this investment in yourself and in the growth of your business, you take back control of your digital marketing strategy and you will be 100% autonomous in your content creation. You can say goodbye to daily overwhelming and/or outsourcing to freelancers and communication agencies for the management of your social media accounts.


We can’t promise you 100% that you’ll break your online sales records (because we’re not responsible for the dedication and effort you’ll put into implementing our tips and techniques) but we can assure you that what we’re teaching you here is a complete content creation method that has been proven time and time again. This online training is the result of years of experience and has the power to change the way you manage your marketing strategy to attract more customers naturally.


Start the adventure…