Creating content for social media is essential to successfully grow your business. And like most entrepreneurs, you probably spend several hours each week designing, creating and publishing your content online. It’s even sometimes a source of stress that you could do without!  And yet, as you know, regularly feeding your accounts with quality content is essential! The “batching” method allows you to save precious time. You don’t know how to organize your content production efficiently or how to publish the content your audience expects? Only with a good content strategy can you attract more of your ideal customers, and make more business online organically (without paid ads). So how do you quickly create digital content that sells? How can you save time and productivity in your social media content creation? In this article, we share with you our “batching” method so that you can implement it into your business today. 

Here’s what we’ll look at:

  • What is batching?
  • How to use batching to save you time while creating quality content 
  • Our method for efficiently batching your content
  • Free masterclass: create the most profitable content for your business quickly “How to batch create 1 month’s content in 1 day”

What is batching?

Who hasn’t found themselves in the situation where they have no idea what to post on their social media or blog? Content is the lifeblood of many creators, entrepreneurs, community managers and online brands. Social media impose their golden rules “Quality + Regularity”, and we all have to create a lot of content, and more and more sophisticated, to continue to attract and sell naturally. And we won’t lie to ourselves: it’s a big job! That’s why the “batching” method was invented by online content creators (like us!): to be able to create faster and more efficiently. 

build your brand like a boss!

Batching is a technique that consists of performing only one group of creative tasks for a few hours. The goal: to create as much content as possible in as little time as possible. The idea is to group similar and repetitive digital content creation tasks together to save a lot of time in your schedule. By performing them in a precise order, you will gradually set up a routine that will allow you to know exactly what and how to post to meet all your deadlines and produce effective content in a minimum of time. So, no more time wasted scrolling endlessly for templates, inspiration and saving ideas you never produce: you get to the point and you have a goal behind each publication. This could be what’s missing in your work week to gain productivity, optimize your creation time, and find moments of pleasure in creating content for your business! 

How to use batching to save time in your content production 

Content batching for social media

To produce your digital marketing content in batches, it’s not enough to find and bundle your content ideas. Yes, you need to take inspiration from what others are doing, from content already published here and there on the web and use Google to identify trends in your industry. To publish effective content that sells YOUR products or services, while saving time, you need to know the basics of branded content batching for social media. AKA our **Secret Sauce**: the one we’ve been using for ourselves, and for our clients for several years now.

Batching social media marketing


Batching applied to the creation of professional content for social media consists of making a plan of all your content to create a month of content in a single day (our free masterclass explains it all!). 

To use batching in your content creation, we’ve identified 5 key steps:

  1. find the most relevant content ideas on Google ;
  2. organize the different types of content in a calendar on Trello ;
  3. create impactful visuals on Canva ;
  4. write the caption texts;
  5. schedule the publications on Meta Business or third-party applications like Swello or Hootsuite.

You’ll be able to do all of these tasks in a few hours at the same time. By doing things this way, rather than post after post on a day-to-day basis, you won’t waste time looking for information, images, ideas each time. You don’t lose focus and stay focused on a crystal clear roadmap. Anyone who has tried this technique will tell you that it saves a lot of time and energy!

Our method for efficient batch content creation

Here is our simplified method to use batching and create content for your social media that will attract and sell for you in a simple and effective way.

Identify your content pillars

Your content pillars are the main themes of your business. You will identify the keywords and the main topics related to your expertise or your brand identity. In our case, we are a branding and digital communication agency. Our content pillars are:

  • Graphic design / Branding
  • Website creation
  • SEO / Copywriting
  • Digital marketing strategy

We are constantly on the lookout on Google for topics related to our areas of expertise and we always produce our content around these topics. You can create alerts on Google Alert, Feedly or for a more refined research on keywords, tools like Ubbersuggest or SEMRush.

Determine an appropriate content strategy

You’ll break down these topics into different types of content. All of your content on social media should be aimed at one goal: building the “Like, Know, Trust” factor with your audience. You want every person who “stumbles” onto your account to find the information they need to get interested, get to know you and trust you so they want to buy from you. 

To work this magic, you’ll break down your content pillars into different types of specific content, such as: 

  • content that educates, based on your expertise: “how to do this or that to achieve this goal” or “X tips for…”
  • entertaining or inspiring content, based on your unique personality: “When I see my clients do this or that…” or “Mindset for the day”.
  • engaging content that allows you to build a community: “What do you think of this or that?” or “What do you have planned this week for …”
  • promotional content, which aims to sell and promote your offers: “Need to do this? We suggest this…” or “If you want to achieve this goal, here is what we suggest…” 

But there are also other types of content to create and share, depending on your goals, your business, and your typical audience profile. Examples include lead generation (with the promotion of your freebie for example), urgency to act (with the launch of a limited-time offer), storytelling (with a retrospective on your story for example), etc. 

Determine a publication frequency by type of content

Depending on your objectives and your availability, you will determine a post frequency for these different publications. 

As it is very important to remain regular and constant, you must define a recurring frequency for your posts! We recommend 3, 4 or 5 times a week to have good results in digital communication. You will identify days for such or such type of publication. For example, if you choose to publish three times a week, you can decide that on Monday you publish storytelling content, on Wednesday you publish education and expertise content, and on Friday it’s your sales content. 

Batching- the method to quickly create content that sells. CONTENT CREATION DIGITAL MARKETING

Organize all your content for the month in Trello

Once you’ve got your publishing schedule set, you’ll centralize all this information (formats, types, dates, content ideas, texts, visuals, inspirations…) in one place. We use a great application to do this: Trello! In Trello, you can organize your entire editorial calendar that clearly shows: expected date of publication, text content, visual content, hashtags to insert etc. And tags for each publication indicating if there is anything left to do or not. At a glance (literally) you have access to everything and you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Create your visuals with templates on Canva

Canva is the online content creation application that needs no introduction. But to use it in batching mode, you need to know how to use it intelligently. That is to say, without spending an infinite amount of time looking for templates already created and customizing them each time. The golden batching tip we give you is to create templates in your brand for each type of publication. This way, you will simply come and modify a few elements (texts, graphics, photos…) each time you have to prepare a post…but not start from scratch each time. Time saved by doing this: incalculable!

Free Masterclass: quickly create the most profitable content for your business 

No, you don’t have to become a social media guru to learn how to batch create quality content for your business. Anyone can use Trello to write their posts, Canva to create their visuals and Meta Business to schedule their posts. But the truth is that without a real content strategy, you will may never see results, and you will still spend way too much time on it. Often, you’ll end up going in circles and wasting valuable time searching for and saving tons of free templates and tips… that you don’t have time to exploit. And since you’re an entrepreneur, we know you don’t have time for that! 

There are better ways to learn and to do it much faster.

And that’s exactly why we created a unique and 100% Free Masterclass: 1 month of content in 1 day: how to increase your online sales with content marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Masterclass:

How to implement the best content strategy for YOUR business & niche 

How to write effective hooks and calls to action that encourage your audience to TAKE ACTION

A super SIMPLE way to create your Reels easily & grow your online audience the best way 

The KEY to creating your branded content super fast (hint: AND not paying for ads to see the results) 

AND PSSST! We’ll be presenting a very special limited-time offer on our brand new Content Creation Mastery online training + its Exclusive Bonuses: worksheets, templates, calendars, texts, tutorials… all ready to use, to help you save even more time in your digital content creation.

Content Creation Mastery Online Course

Content Creation Mastery is our 100% online signature course in content creation & digital marketing. It is designed to help you:

  • master a simple batching method to easily create quality content for the Web, while spending the least amount of time.
  • use the tools necessary for effective content creation, the one that gives the most concrete results for the work done.
  • implement a digital content strategy that attracts your ideal customers, establishes your brand authority while driving profitable traffic to your offers.

Now you know (almost) everything! To quickly create content that sells, you need to apply a batching method that works for you and your business. This method combines Content Strategy and Batch Content Creation. It allows you to avoid the daily stress of managing all the digital communication tasks for your business, and allows you to go higher, faster and further. Want to discover our Secret Sauce? Watch our free masterclass. It will take you only 20 minutes – and I promise it will be better than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

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