“Hi! I’m Maria!

Im a graphic designer and branding expert.

I help boss mama entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners create, launch and improve their online businesses, by helping them define their branding and content creation strategy.

Did you know that the first impression your audience will get from your website or social media will determine their willingness to buy your products and services in the future?

Even though they cannot remember exactly how your website or social media page looked like, their brain stores their emotions and this impacts their decision making in the future.  Without them even knowing it!

“I {Maria} would be a Robin to your Batman when it comes to branding and having an incredible content strategy for your business.”

Want a brand creating guru, brand strategy boss and an award-winning graphic designer on your team?

Not only does Maria know how to create stunning branding, beautiful graphic designs, and lead converting content, she is the Founder of Be Boss Mama a Branding and Content Studio, Founder of the Boss Mama Mindset blog and Co-Founder of A+M Créatif Studio, based in Réunion island.

“Let the me help you bring your brand ideas to life! I can help you stand out in today’s over crowded marketplace.

Let me show you how purposeful design can help you achieve your business goals!

Take a look at this:


oThis branding was created to form a memorable and powerful brand “A+M Studio Créatif”, specially tailored for the French Réunion market.

“A year ago… when we merged our services to offer a full 360° brand communication and development, we needed to be discoverable! How? By creating a memorable brand and strong online presence! If you do a quick Google search for our brand, it is fully discoverable!”

When creating content for social media, a good graphic sense is not enough. A good writing style is also not enough to convert those leads. You’d want someone with deep knowledge and understanding in brand communication and experience creating successful brands, as well as someone who truly understands your brand growth strategy.

The perfect visual brand + powerful message + brand growth strategy = a truly memorable brand!

Well, if this is what you are looking for, you have found the right place. Maria can help you grow your online business by helping you to create your memorable brand, scroll-stopping content, and click-worthy ad campaigns that you will be proud to promote. 

With over 14 years of experience in brand strategy, graphic design and content creation including creating award-winning graphics for large software companies in South Africa (with Apple, iTunes and Goodle Play) “l share all of my experience and expertise to help you create branding that demands attention and leaves ever-lasting impressions! on your audience. This leads to higher conversions and your business bringing in more income.”

The creative Boss Mama Branding studio is here to support you in reaching your business objectives, we will help you make your brand look professional, exclusive and of course memorable.

Contact Maria today! Each day is an opportunity, start your branding project right away!

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